Commercial Photographer & Set Designer


 Hi, I’m Marion, I'm a commercial photographer and set designer, I produce creative and original visuals for brands, allowing them to stand out through expert set designs, new ideas, and creative perspective.

From food to fashion, passing through product and corporate or events, I'm all about creating the WOW effect.


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 "Marion has vision, patience and ‘the eye’. She doesn’t think in products, places or people, but in stories elegantly delivered through her pictures. All our projects were focused on pushing NOVELTEA over its visual limits, a task at which she excelled, delivering everything in a timely and professional manner."


 “Marion is absolutely my go to person for event photography - she just works around the event, is a dream to work with, captures the perfect moments and you end up with high quality photographs that both showcase the event but can also be used in evaluation reports, sponsorship documents, business plans and promotional materials! “

Rachel Horton - The Culture Vulture



“Marion is a super talented photographer, she's not just great behind the camera but her creative skills are rare to find in a photographer, working with Marion allows you to know the final photo, the set details and the message behind each shot, is all well cared for in good hands. “

Juli Vignette - Brand Designer at Juli

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