Have a look at the faq down below, and if you don’t get you answer from there, and still got a burning question, get in touch now!


What services do you provide exactly?

As a commercial photographer and set designer, I cover several fields, such as product photography and styling, lifestyle photography, headshots and branding sessions, events, interiors, food and fashion. Basically, anything business-related, I’m on it. I also offer the basics like cut-out pictures for online shops.

Are you able to work remotely?

Yes absolutely. You can just send me your product. My rates won’t change – just the postage will be added. We will go over everything you need by email and after I’ve done the shoot, you’ll be sent contact sheets for you to pick the pictures you need me to edit. Then I’ll send the products back to you. And if you don’t have a product we can still work on some visual concepts even if you’re in America!

Why should I choose you?

Every photographer is different, which is why it’s really important that you have a look at my work to see if you like it. As I went to Fine Art School, I come from a very creative background which allows me to think differently. I’ve been doing photography since I was 16 and have tried pretty much every field, so I’m not afraid of anything and will always make sure that your product/brand looks its absolute best.

How much do you charge?

Every job is different and all my prices are bespoke. I usually charge per day or half day, so please get in touch, so we can figure out what the best option for you is and what your needs are.

I’m not that good at styling, can you help?

Yes. This is where the “set designer” job comes in. We’ll work on a mood board together to set the type of styling you want and I will handle all the styling involved. If you want to take the pictures but only need help with the styling that’ also something I can do, just get in touch ;) .

Can you come to my studio/shop/office to shoot?

Of course I can. My prices include travel in the Newcastle area, but as long as the travel fees are covered, I can literally travel anywhere.

Who owns the copyright of the pictures?

I remain the sole owner of the copyright, but all clients get distribution rights for promotion and professional use. All I ask is that whenever it’s possible that you give me a small credit when you use the pictures or send them to the press/bloggers and so on.

Who provides props for a shoot?

I already have quite a collection of them, but if there’s a need for something specific after we worked on the moodboard, I will handle it and it’ll be added to the invoice. I often ask my clients when we talk about the styling if they have some things at home that they could bring along with their products as they often started doing their own photography with their own props!

How do I book your services?

Just send me an email and I will let you know my availabilities! Clients sometimes book me at the last minute or two months in advance so it can change from one day to another!

How many pictures will you provide?

There’s nothing written in stone as every job is different, my prices will include both shooting and editing and a minimum amount of pictures that you can change depending if you just need a few or way more! There’s often need for more pictures during an event than there is for one product though!