What to expect from a workshop with me


A messy room is a the first thing to expect from a workshop with me ahahah. Between my props, the product I bring and the ones I ask the participant to bring x 7 participants… You can imagine… But it’s funny, and I like the chaos that emerges from the creation process, then you tidy everything and can start again!

I’m not a photographer, can I come?

A-bso-fricking-lu-tely, the first thing I tell people is to bring what they are already comfortable using to take pictures, if it’s a phone, perfect, I’ve had bloggers and influencers meaning to create a nice feed when it comes to product/food/random object photography, I’ve had creators who can’t hire a photographer’s services so they want to get better at creating those catchy original images for themselves, or simply curious people who just want to learn something new… But we’re mostly learning and having fun!


Where and when?

On that one, it depends, so far I’ve done one workshop with Ladies Wine and Design, two at the Biscuit Factory, I might, in the future do more at other places, I’ve been offered to do some in Whitley Bay and maybe at an event, but if you want to stay in the loop you can either subscribe to my newsletter here, and receive all the news, blogposts, freebies every month, or just subscribe here if you’re not interested in receiving free cool wallpaper every month ( ;) ) and you just want to know about workshops!


What are we learning exactly?

So my daily job is being a commercial photographer and set designer/stylist, what’s that? Not sure tbh, I mashed up some words that were the closest to what I do to create a simple title I could put on my business cards.

To put it simply, I work with businesses (artists, social media managers, brand designers, small creators, bigger brands, restaurants…) and for them I do a bit of everything, but my speciality is the set design and styling part, I create nice and original sets, with props, coloured background (or not) and various accessories to enhance products, foods or drinks. Those images are the ones being used on websites, social media or prints (magazines, actual banners, leaflets…)

I’ve learned about composition, colour theory and all that in Fine Art School about 5 years ago-ish (wow that was a long time ago), I’ve worked with stylists and watched them work, did an internship in a studio that was covering lots of fields, and I’ve tried, lots of times to get where I’m at now. I’ve started photography about a decade ago (well probably more than that actually but who’s counting) and I’ve tried everything from fashion, to weddings to artsy stuff, and this is what I’m good at, and I love it, and this is why I’m doing those workshops, I love creating set designs, this is also why I’ve decided to create an online shops with nice looking visuals bundles (soon…)

So, yeah, if you want to get better at creating those nice little settings for your feed, website, etsy shop or if you’re just curious, want to learn new skills or if you just want to hear my cute French accent (most people don’t recognize it but I assure you it’s there) click on one of the link above and keep your eyes peeled!

To end that post, here are some examples of pictures that have been taken during those several workshops, pictures are unedited for most but it’s not the most important here! My students were all super talented!


Click on the carousel to see all the pictures

Credit for Carousel’s photos: Chelsea, Jaqueline, Pauline, Karen, Wendy, Michelle, Erin, probably a lot more sorry if your photo is in there and I haven’t mentioned you please let me know!

Marion Botella