The Spring Food Photography Challenge


Well I’ve been quite busy for the last past weeks, and I can’t really post any pictures yet from my job in London, but I will, as soon as I can!

I’ve been participating in the Food Photography Challenge set by Kimberley from The Little Plantation again this spring, I’m managed to post for almost all of them, which is better than what I did in Autumn ahah. The principle is easy, four weeks, three themes per week, I love how good and creative the community is, but it also gives me a kick in the b*tt to actually make more food photography!


Okay yes, I missed the third theme on the first week okay! But I was in London for two days and were working before that so, ha, I did what I could! The first theme up here was “Bird’s Eye”, the second one was 2/3 (the third one was 45° or from the side) which are basically the three main points of view that work veeeeery well in food photography.

Picture one is a bunch of mini pie-biscuit with homemade raspberry jam, fresh blueberries, the second one is einkhorn pancakes.

12092018-DSC_5234 copie.jpg

In order of apparition, even though I messed up the calendar on my Instagram, the first theme of the second week was “Green”, then “Pink” and finally “White”. Full disclosure, the green one was done months before but never used, but worked perfectly for the theme, the second one, I made a background at the last minute, baked a quick peach and red berries pie, burnt myself in the process, and took that shot, which I really like! And the last one was a bit of a challenge because at first, I was like, white? Oh perfect I wanted to make rice pudding from my Grandma recipe as it has been quite a while, and only realised afterwards, that the recipe had a lot of cinnamon in, and on top, for it to match the “white” theme, well, too late, so I improvised!


The last week was the biggest challenge for me, why? Well the first theme was “Gathering” and I really struggle everytime with this one, I’m lost if I have more than two dishes on my set, I can handles having several drinks on a shoot like I do for Tiger Hornsby (one of my client) but I’m not the best at making cocktails… Second theme was harsh light, that day wasn’t planned at all, I forgot my camera at home, so for the first time in two years, I used my phone to take a picture that I actually posted on my feed, but I actually love it! And lastly, well, this one is quite obvious, I’m rarely showing my face on pictures I made because: 1) it makes me very uncomfortable, that’s why I’m behind the camera! 2) I don’t have a remote so I have to run from my camera to the table every 2 minutes, can’t be bothered…


A tiny bit of backstage, I need to do that more often though!

There you go, I also had my first workshop at the biscuit factory so I’m very soon going to talk to you about that, 3 San Diego article is also in the pipeline! :)